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the unfolding

The Unfolding

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Loosely based on the Bagua (literally: “eight symbols”) from Daoism, which represents the fundamental principles of reality, this is Nick’s first personalised piece of Sacred Geometry.

It depicts how everything comes from Source, the great Void, as well as returns to it. At the centre is a 5-pointed star, which represents the 5 elements (in Chinese culture these are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire). From the state of indifference and infinite possibility (Wuji), the moment there is separation and movement, Yin and Yang are formed (Taiji). Each Yin and Yang can further be divided into Yin and Yang again, ad infinitum, producing the myriad forms of creation. Each unfolding becomes more dense in the physical world, so the green and blue outer layer of the painting represent the water and land which makes up Earth.

This piece helps us recognise the “thing behind the thing”, which empowers us to make more effective changes by operating on a level closer to the Source.

“Dao gives birth to One
One gives birth to Two
Two give birth to Three
Three give birth to ten-thousand things
The ten-thousand things carry yin and embrace yang
They mix these energies to enact harmony”

Dao De Jing (Philosophical Daoism’s main text) – Chapter 42

Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


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