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final sri yantra[1]
final sri yantra[1]

Sri Yantra

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The Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu Tantra symbol that is believed to be the image of the OM mantra, which in the Hindu tradition is understood to be the primordial sound of creation.

It is a diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (Bindu) point. Four isosceles triangles with the apices upwards, representing the Masculine (Yang) energy and five isosceles triangles with the apices downward, symbolizing the Feminine (Yin) energy combine to represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine. The Bindu point signifies unity, the origin, and the principle of manifestation and release of the supreme consciousness.

The Sri Yantra is the physical magnet to draw blessings from the mystery. It gives to invisible form a substance, and manifests the invisible enabling the aspirant means to connect with the divine.


Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


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