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Nick Osipczak

Nick Osipczak

After completing a degree in Mathematics and Finance, Nick was sponsored to play poker professionally. This lifestyle afforded him the luxury of being able to pursue another of his passions – martial arts, and he soon earned a place on a TV reality show in America for up-and-coming professional fighters. It was off the back of this opportunity that Nick was offered a contract with the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion company (the UFC), where for the next couple of years he competed around the globe; from Las Vegas to Abu Dhabi.

Aged 26, Nick had a life changing experience when he took part in an ancient indigenous shamanic ritual of the Amazon. This planted the seed for the artist to make some significant changes in his life, and he soon left his successful business in London behind to go traveling around south-east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He began studying Tai Chi along with Daoist philosophy, and painted his first piece of art since school. It was during and after this awakening experience that Nick began to receive knowledge via images, where new ideas and concepts were presented through, often dynamic, shapes and patterns.

The study of Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese system of meditation, helped the artist’s ability to recognize the energy movement in these patterns and increased his ability to interpret their significance. Nick instantly began to recognize how much of what he was receiving matched perfectly to what our forefathers from all different cultures and religions were pointing towards, as can be seen through the various texts, diagrams and architecture that have survived from antiquity.

This lead Nick to study Sacred Geometry, which looks at the way Geometry manifests throughout all the levels and realms of creation from the micro-cosmic to the macro-cosmic, and everything in between. He discovered that Geometry is intrinsic within the fabric of nature itself, and the proportions that we find that govern nature are also the proportions that govern our consciousness. What many of the great minds like Plato and Da Vinci understood, was that the study of Sacred Geometry was a way of developing your consciousness as well, which is why Nick now creates paintings that help himself and others increase their awareness.